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Wishbone Creek and Other Stories
by Tom Nolan

This series of short stories appeared over the past couple of years on They are tales from Tom's slightly twisted mind.

They have music, action, love, sadness, adventure, and perhaps a bit of the occult thrown in to season the pot. Some are very short, a couple a bit long, all will keep you entertained.

Published: 2013, Millrock Writers

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A Millrock Writers Sampler
Tom Nolan, Editor

This anthology presents the work of eight of the Millrock Writers. Inside you will find both fascinating personal vignettes, and humorous and strange fiction. Mostly you will find yourself engrossed in the stories as you read.

"What does it mean to be a writer?
This question has been asked of probably every famous author more times than they care to count.  Regardless of how many words the responder puts around it, the fundamental answer always comes down to one point - if you want to be a writer, write.

The Millrock Writers do that.  Some have a scheduled time of day when they write, others squeeze writing time in wherever it will fit in very full days, all of them do it because they must.  It's less a wish than a compulsion."

Published:  2010, Millrock Writers Collective   

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A Month on a Barrier Island  
poetry by Steven Lewis and photography by Tom Nolan

A Month on a Barrier Island is in many ways a love story. Steve Lewis and Tom Nolan fell in love with the Outer Banks of North Carolina decades ago and have spent almost half their lives chronicling their affair with the place.

Steve’s poetry brings you to the beaches of Rodanthe and invites you to observe with him the changes and the sameness of the island (and in himself) over a one month stretch during the summer of 2007.

Tom’s images give one a sense of the beauty that occurs when humanity and nature cohabit a narrow, shifting strip of sand. His photos capture the strange light of winter, the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and the solitude of an island that owns its population.

Published:  2009, Millrock Writers Collective 

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> Leaving - Memories of Romania by Mihai Grünfeld Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies at Vassar College.

Leaving - Memories of Romania recounts the narrator's childhood and adolescence as the son of impoverished Holocaust survivors. His parents are unable to talk about their past, but their lives - and the lives of their two sons - are utterly shaped by it. As he comes of age, the narrator is increasingly conscious of his parents’ profound loneliness, the glaring gaps in his family's history, and the questions that go unanswered. Gradually the story of an innocent child’s tender, loving relationship with his parents evolves into a powerful tale of complex family dynamics shaped by adolescent experimentation, the daily grind of factory work, anti-Semitism, and big dreams of escaping the politically restrictive system in which he lives.

Published:  2008, Millrock Writers Collective 

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The Making and Un-making of a Marine:
One Man's Struggle for Forgiveness

by Larry Winters
United States Marine Corps Veteran and licensed mental health counselor

The Making and Un-making of a Marine... is my life's journey, which includes as part of its central theme the Viet Nam War and my search for a role in the world after the War.

 "Indeed war has perhaps always been the most compelling initiation into adulthood. This may be because war replicated all the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual challenges of life in their most intense and threatening forms." Dr. Edward Ticks book, War and the Soul.

Published:  2007, Millrock Writers Collective 

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